Abstract Graffiti

Abstract Graffiti

Pitch Lake by SOMA.  The first time I heard of Tony’s work was two years ago stumbling on his work online.  We worked together on a small one day show as part of Uncontained @ Boxpark with Shellsuite Zombie and 55DSL.  The whole abstract graffiti was starting to boom and become more widely noticed.  The beginnings of exhibitions solely dedicated to that style of graffiti in exhibitions by Futurism 2.0 with exhibitors like Augustine Kofie, Phil Ashcroft and notably Morten Anderson.  This came in tandem with the Saatchi Street Art competition which was won by Tony Driver aka SOMA.  As all graffiti artists generally work under a pseudonym to mask their identity can also be taken as a comment on the fallacy of romanticizing the conscious individuality or subjectivity of the artist.  But its interesting to see when graffiti artists move closer to the gallery scene that they move closer to assimilating their original name.  KAWS did the same and even now I consider removing the Donshi name into my real name which is rarely even used in my family.  But why do we choose to go from one to the other or vice verca?   I’m not saying that I am in the same of league of those two artists but it brings to light the same question of legitimacy and the acceptance of one into the art world mainstream.

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