Time & Motion..Redifining Working Life Exhibition FACT Liverpool

Time & Motion Exhibition FACT Liverpool

75 Watt: Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen
Viewed at FACT Liverpool as part of the Time & Motion…Redefining Working Life Exhibit.Supported by FACT and the Royal College of Art.
I was lucky enough to remember to see this exhibit at FACT cinema while I was visiting home for the Christmas period.  The ever changing working environment pushed by the radically disrupting digital technologies.  During the Industrial Revolution, workers fought for the right to a work-life balance in which we perform our 8 hrs of labour and then leave the factory.  That doesn’t feel like the case in today’s society, especially in London where for example the office is open 24hrs, 7 days a week.  I would say that I spend almost half my life in the office clicking away at my mouse which had notable signs of wear on the left click button.  This million clicks only came about as a friend had asked me to record my office environment for periods of the day.  I would have never thought about it if she hadn’t asked.  The exhibition is formed by several artists work that redefine the idea of time & motion in the form of essays, expos, installations and videos which seek to critique this changing paradigm.  The most notable piece was by Cohen and Van Balen due to the use of the word ‘drift’ to describe the camera movement as the viewer in 75 watt.  This conjures up all thoughts of the 60’s avant-garde art movements back to the ‘situationists’ and their critique of advanced capitalism.  Further interesting thoughts come to mind as similar to an exhibition I saw at the Barbican of works by Marcel Duchamp, Jasper Johns and Rauschenberg, except I was unfortunate enough not to see the performance while on my visit.  If you get the chance the exhibition runs till the 9th March 2014 @ FACT Liverpool.

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