Kevin Di Serna

Kevin Di Serna an Argentinian born in 1987, was introduced into music by his father, former drummer, with Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple Melodies.  His progressive beats and rolling base makes this mix.  The range of genres and sub genres in dance music are wide from the more modern dub step to the old school acid house.  I still think that the techno has the background in an older generation.  You find these type of nights filled with a more mature crowd which always blends well with seeminglessly enjoyable night without the hot head immature brats that seem revolve arund the more popular djs that circulate the mainstream.  It all falls in line at this moment in time with a current exhibition at ICA of IBIZA during its hey days.  I wish I was there when it started but I was not even born.  The following video about Trevor Jackson will bring to light a passion of this sub culture that has shaped Britain since the early 80’s.  Enjoy the mix by Kevin.

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