The Happening

I entered a recent competition to create a piece of artwork for the Storefront in New York.  The brief was based on the idea of ‘Measure’.  Architecture today seems to only be created for investment opportunities, thus my intention was to create an environment that would create something intangible which cannot be measured yet be valuable and memorable to the people that experienced it.  It Storefront itself is in close proximity to Soho so thus the use of a traditional Chinese architecture sat on top of the local vernacular.  It was supposed to be more of a performative space by showing the use of the space above and around the streets.  Below was my blurb to describe the piece.

To measure, to quantify the physical and tangible dimensions of  a place is to articulate facts in order to construct values.  It seems that architecture has pursued the modernist dictum of ‘form follows function’ too dogmatically in the relentless pursuit of efficiency and optimisation superseding more fundamental spatial experiences.  As a counterpoint we propose to use the Storefront to act as the stepping stone to create a stage for an alternative experience devoid of linearity.  To play with the idea of architecture to create the catalyst for occurrences in the city which allow the active participation of the audience.

The Happening

The Happening

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